What are the main differences between a dermatologist & cosmetic dermatologist?

What are the main differences between a dermatologist & cosmetic dermatologist?

As a new to the term cosmetic dermatology, you may easily feel confused with a dermatologist to a cosmetic dermatologist while the fact is that there is a major difference between both of them. A cosmetic dermatologist is more senior than just a dermatologist as a cosmetic dermatologist has to undergo additional training.

A dermatologist can treat the medical conditions of the skin while a cosmetic dermatologist can treat both medical skin conditions as well as aesthetic skin issues. Just reach out to Cheyanne Mallas as she is both a dermatologist as well a cosmetic dermatologist. So, you can assume that Cheyanne Mallas has obtained additional training as well. Above all, Cheyanne Mallas has more than a decade of experience in carrying out a range of cosmetic procedures.

Negative changes that take place on the skin

As you age, you have to face some problems due to negative changes that take place on the skin. Those changes are natural, and the look that has been affected is also natural but is not good to look at. This brings you to the idea that you should do something to avoid the impact of those changes. This is where the idea of going to Mallas and letting her know your concerns can work wonders for you.

The tone of the skin becomes uneven and the colour of the skin becomes discolored, is that not true? Spots of discolouration and uneven skin tone make you look duller and dimmer with each passing year. Hence, as long as there is a problem, there is a solution as well. It is Mallas who has the solution to these basic changes and how to remove the signs of old age. Book your first appointment by visiting the above site and enjoy quality skin care and cosmetic treatment options.