You Will Miss Life Chasing Perfectionism

Do you remember those days when chasing perfectionism was the trend? Even now, we see most people chasing perfection. Perfection in work, perfection in school, perfection in business, and perfection everywhere. If we ask about relationships, people will always say they want a perfect relationship for themselves. Is that possible? The criteria for perfection that someone has the same for you?

In her book Becoming Flawesome, Kristina tells us how chasing perfectionism will take you away from your authentic self. You are the most authentic version of yourself in this whole world. Why change yourself to become something that you are not? We will be discussing it here in this blog.

Was Life Ever Supposed To Be Perfect?

When we talk about life, everyone wants that to be perfect. A perfect job, perfect partner, and perfect kids. However, have you ever imagined and asked yourself if life was ever supposed to be perfect? We all know that most remembered and adventurous incidents of our lives happen when things go unplanned. Planning takes away uncertainty. Without uncertainty, what is the purpose of this life?

Ask yourself this question. If anything is perfect for the other person, will that also be perfect for you? So how can we rationalize perfection? Chasing perfection will always lead you to a place where you cannot enjoy it. You might have lived so many years and worked hard for that perfectionism. However, until you have not lived every moment and enjoyed your journey, the whole purpose of this life fails.

Chasing Perfectionism Steals Away Joy

To make things perfect, we start by comparing our lives with others. We start judging ourselves and others. Furthermore, we start making a checklist for us as to what all are the things in life that we need to make things perfect for us.

So, ultimately when we start chasing it, we might face failure. That failure will demotivate us and eventually take our joy away.

Have you ever asked yourself that instead of chasing perfectionism, what will happen if you start discovering your original self? We are the most authentic version of ourselves. We might discover wonderful things about ourselves. In addition, that will be advantageous for us and the society in which we live.

Discover Your Authentic Self!

Finding your authentic self is the best thing that you can do. We all are unique and have different sets of values, skills, and qualities that we can dedicate to society. Kristina Mand-Lakhiani tells us how by #BecomingFlawesome, we can be the happiest. We might not reach the perfectionism that everyone is chasing but we will find the inner peace and satisfaction that we deserve.

Don’t you think a comfortable and happy life is far better than a perfect one? Yes! So, start doing what makes you happy. Start following your happiness and passion. Do not run in a race where everyone is chasing something. Rather be yourself and attract what is best for you. Read more in the book about what Kristina has to say!