Top 9 Popular Uses Of Java In 2022

Java has been around for a quarter century. Despite the addition of newer languages and tools, Java remains one of the most loved programming languages. The old man keeps going, and is grateful for the support of so many programmers and developers today. This blog will discuss the top 9 uses of Java in 2022.

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Top 9 Popular Uses Of Java

Java Mobile Applications

Let’s start by noting that Android OS is closely related to Java and that Android phones consistently capture a market share above 85%. Java is the official programming language of most mobile app developers. It can be used with Android Studio and Kotlin, which are both app design software. It Platform, Micro Edition (alternatively known as Java ME or J2ME), is a cross-platform framework that allows you to create applications that are compatible with all Java-support devices. Take all that into consideration and consider that mobile computing is now more popular than desktop computing. You can see why Java is so important.

Java Desktop GUI Applications

GUI stands for Graphic User Interface. Java allows GUI development using resources such as Abstract Windowing Toolkit, JavaFX, or Swing. AWT includes several pre-made components, such as menu, list, and button. There are also several third-party components. JavaFX is a collection of graphics and media packages that provide Swing interoperability as well as 3D graphics features. Swing is a GUI widget which offers advanced elements like scroll panes and tables, tabbed panels and trees.

Java Web-based Applications

Java offers high security and easy coding which are two of the key elements that draw web application developers. JSPs, Struts and Servlets provide web application developers with effective support and the ability to create any kind of program. Broadleaf, an open-source platform for ecommerce, makes it easy to create ecommerce apps.

Java Web Servers and Application Servers

Numerous Java web and Java application servers have been born out of the robust Java ecosystem. Apache Tomcat, Project Jigsaw and Rimfaxe web server (RWS) are all part of the Web server space. WebLogic, WebSphere and JBoss EAP are servlets that have established themselves in the commercial application server market.

Java Enterprise Applications

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), a popular platform, offers runtime and API environments for scripting tasks. This includes web services, network applications, and more. Oracle claims Java is compatible with 97% of enterprise computers. Java is recognized as the basis of many banking applications, which use Java throughout their entire process. This includes front-end users and back-end servers. Java’s ability to sustain high performance makes it an attractive choice for high-frequency trading platforms like Murex.

Java Scientific Applications

Apps that can perform scientific calculations and mathematical operations require apps that are fast, secure, portable, easy to maintain, and easily updated. This is where Java excels. Java is an integral part of the core system, and interacting user interfaces are key components for powerful scientific applications such as MATLAB.

Java Gaming Applications

The gaming industry and Java are a match made for heaven. Java supports the jMonkey Engine, which is one of the most powerful 3D engines on the market today. 2D games are easy too. Just combine Java and CSS and you’re ready to go. It is able to design any kind of game developers want, regardless of their skill level.

Java Big Data Technologies

It is a key player in big data. Let’s begin by noting that Hadoop is the most popular and widely used big data platform. Scala, a rival programming language, is also Java-based. Scala was designed to fix some of the drawbacks in Java.

There are four programming languages that compete in Big Data. All of them want to be the best and most widely used: Java Scala, R and Python.

Java Business Applications

Big enterprises have big problems. These organisations use the Java EE platform for large-scale, multi-tiered, secure network applications that can be scalable, reliable, or secure. Java provides tools such as a development model and API that make it easier to create powerful apps. These features allow developers to focus more on the app’s function.

Final Words

This post has covered everything you need to know about Java programming, including the 9 Most Popular Uses Of Java in 2022. We believe our blog will prove to be very helpful for you, and will answer all your questions regarding Uses Of Java.