Handling a Broken Window: Immediate Steps to Ensure Safety

A broken window can happen anytime and for various reasons – a stray baseball, a severe storm, or even a break-in. When faced with a shattered window, your immediate concern should be safety. A broken window can pose risks, including injuries and security breaches. This article will guide you through the essential steps to safely handle a broken window and prevent further damage until you can arrange an emergency window repair.

Understanding the Urgency

A broken window is not just an inconvenience; it’s a safety hazard. Shattered glass can cause injuries, and a compromised window can make your home vulnerable to weather and intruders. Taking swift and informed action is crucial to mitigate these risks.

Prioritise Safety

When encountering a broken window, the first step is to prioritise safety. Ensure that no one is injured, especially if the breakage was due to an accident or a break-in. If there are any injuries, seek medical attention immediately.

Clear the Area

Clear the area around the broken window to avoid further injuries and damage. Remove any glass shards or debris carefully. Wear gloves and use a broom, dustpan, or vacuum cleaner to clean up broken glass.

Assess the Damage

Examine the window frame and sash for any structural damage. If the frame is compromised, it might not be safe to attempt a DIY repair, and you should contact a professional for assistance.

Secure the Area

If the window is easily accessible outside, consider boarding it up temporarily to prevent unauthorised entry. Use plywood or similar sturdy material to cover the opening. If you can’t secure the window immediately, use clear plastic sheeting or even trash bags to keep out rain, wind, and pests.

Cover with Temporary Protection

While waiting for an emergency window repair, cover the broken window with a temporary barrier. Clear plastic sheeting or heavy-duty tape can help keep out the elements and maintain some insulation.

Measure for Replacement

If the window needs to be replaced, carefully measure the dimensions of the opening. Accurate measurements are essential to ensure that the replacement window fits properly.

Contact an Emergency Window Repair Service

As soon as possible, contact a reputable emergency window repair service. They have the expertise and tools to assess the damage, provide a solution, and complete the necessary repairs quickly and safely.

Document the Damage

Before any repairs or replacements are made, take photos of the broken window and any damage to your property. These photos may be useful for insurance claims or future reference.


Handling a broken window requires swift action to ensure safety and prevent further damage. Prioritise safety, clear the area, secure the opening, and assess the damage. Contact an emergency window repair service for professional assistance, and document the damage for insurance purposes. Following these steps, you can confidently address a broken window and protect your home and loved ones.