Tracing Different Genres of Art and Their Origins

Art is a way of expression through which we can explore the world of our imagination or help us withstand the stark reality of our times. Art is a phenomenon that has taken through the storms from different eras and has shaped society based on its objective.

For example, in the era of modern street art, we are witnessing the continual rise of hip-hop artists and the advent of new-age tattoos, which are taking place in mainstream society.

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Today we will look at the different eras of art and how it has influenced society and look at their origins.

  1. Classical Art and its Timeless Elegance

Classical art is known for its graceful aesthetics and has its emergence from the ancient Greek and Roman civilization. It has left a mark on the pages of history as it has its impact from painting to sculpting works, and based on those, the ancient genre around architecture and literature has been formed.

Classical art is based the factor where it aims to show the beauty of nature and objects, and based on that, it has tried to explore the various mysteries of nature and novels, and stories have been formed around it.

Some of the most intriguing figures from this era were the artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael, who contributed a lot to building and showing the concepts around the world of feudalism and how the society of that time used to work and function.

  • Renaissance Marvels and the Rebirth of Creativity

Renaissance is one of the most significant cultural aspects that has cultured the idea around ingenuity and curiosity, leading to the massive outbursts of ideas on artistic, intellectual and cultural levels.

It is based on the ideas of reviving the lost state of the Western European nations and also a movement in the Americas. It has been led by some of the most intelligent and creative minds who are best in their pursuit.

Botticelli, Titan, and Albrecht Durer are some of the pioneers of the Renaissance. It has explored the idea behind naturalism and humanism, and in this period only, society, by large, enjoyed great freedom and a more peaceful time.

  • Abstract Expressionism: emotions on Canvas

The idea in this genre is to produce something our minds cannot comprehend in a current state and will be vivid and shocking. The idea here is that everything doesn’t have to have meaning and represents the chaotic nature of humans and the world.

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Through these ages, we can see how we have come far in the modern world of pop culture and how the previous art genres have inspired us periodically. The work of various artists and other creative personnel has an impact on shaping an era and society.