Advantages of using liquid silicone for mold making

Liquid silicone rubber is a silicone-made polymer developed by mixing some compounds in a chemical reaction to offer silicone its endurance, strength, and flexibility. The material is usually used to make molded parts for different industries such as food, appliances, consumer, textile, automotive, and medical. It is also used to create different molds too. Making a rubber mold can help you get some products made quickly, which needs low-volume production. You don’t need to deal with the heating procedure to get permanent strength.

Here’s how you can use liquid silicone for molds for manufacturing:

Better stability

You can use silicone rubber for molds and get a cast that can withstand extreme temperatures with zero melting and creeping. It works as a great option for some heavy-duty applications.

Get low-temperature flexibility

You may have heard that thermoplastic elastomers lose flexibility when open to high or low conditions. They start getting hard and brittle, leading to a cracking point. Using silicone rubber, you can mold products that can resist -50 degrees Celsius temperature without losing their shape, integrity, and form, making it a great option for products that need to maintain their form in low-temperature environments.

Age resistance

If you use silicone rubber to make molds, you are manufacturing age-resistant items, mainly when using the right material for injection molding. Cured silicone can resist the harsh rays of the sun, tough weather conditions, and aging, proving to be a perfect option for finished products that can be exposed to high and low temperatures outdoors for a long time.

Chemically invulnerable

Using liquid silicone for mold makes you work with a material that enhances thermoplastic elastomers. It can help you withstand any chemical damage in a wide range of settings and varying temperatures. A major point to remember here is liquid silicone’s water-resistant properties. Yes, water doesn’t have any involvement with silicone at all.

The mold has a low-compression set

In simple words, the material can withstand all deformation even when put under heavy and consistent strain. Liquid silicone for molds has low compression sets of 10% -25%. The material maintains its elasticity even when it is compressed for a long time and put to high-temperature changes.

It has an electrical resistance

Silicone is being immensely used in almost all electronic devices at your availability. It is the major reason electronic producers consistently improve their silicone for mold-making processes so their devices can withstand corona discharges. The silicone resists electrical stress and prevents it from affecting the end product’s conductivity. This is why silicone is seen in high-voltage applications and electric bodies.

Safe and BPA free

Silicone molds are safe and BPA-free. This makes them a perfect option for babies and food applications. Silicone is used to make different products for babies. Parents quite commonly use silicone feeding set. They are safe, unbreakable, and long-lasting. You can spend fewer hours cleaning them.

These are the benefits you can gain from liquid silicone molds. You can use them for different applications depending on your needs.