Importance of Mobile E-commerce and Catalog Software Integrated with P21

Mobile applications for shopping have gained enormous popularity over the past few years. E-commerce Mobile applications have made it easier for users to purchase anything from the comforts of their homes/offices. Thus, the business needs to develop user-friendly mobile applications that will also assist them in streamlining their operations to accelerate growth. Mobile Ecommerce P21 applications can help the business growth in the following ways-

1. Helps to keep an easy track of orders from Mobile applications– Orders placed on the mobile applications are directly imported into the seller’s P21 system. The team can then process the orders easily and efficiently.

2. Helps to minimize the possibility of errors– Without P21 integration, orders have to be entered into the seller’s system manually. Manual entry gives rise to the possibility of errors due to human intervention e.g., missing a sales order entry or double entry etc. that can adversely affect the workflow of the operations leading to a poor buying experience.

3. Provides the customer with easy access to information-Buyers can access important information – invoices, purchase history etc. from my account section of the mobile application integrated with P21. Buyers can check the live inventory and the product prices in real-time helping them to make better purchase decisions. Customers are notified about new product releases, order status, inventory running low etc. through the mobile app for P21.

Sellers have to create and manage product catalogs for the buyers. Catalog creation is a boring task but can be done quickly and efficiently using automated tools. Catalog Software with P21 integration can make the brochure/price list creation and management process easier in the following ways-

1. Helps to generate multiple catalogs – Catalog software for P21 can help create customer-specific multiple catalogs using the P21 system filters- suppliers, product groups, product type etc. Customers can access live prices and inventory information as the software automatically imports this information from P21 systems.

2. Makes it possible to create brochures in different formats for various purposes– Software helps to create price lists and brochures in different file formats(PDF, excel etc.) and different color modes (RGB, CMYK). This gives businesses the flexibility to print the files when needed or link them to a website or mobile application for viewing. 

3. Helps to create automated catalogs with different appearances and layouts– catalog software can assist in the easy creation of catalogs by directly drawing information and other relevant data from the P21 system which can have different layout designs and appearances. This information is imported to create catalogs using the drag-and-drop feature.

4. Makes it easier to update catalogs– It is mundane and time-consuming task to update and make changes to the catalogs. But catalog software with P21 integration makes automated updates to the lists without any human intervention. The updates are made almost instantaneously, and the changes do not affect the overall layout/format of the catalogs.

Thus, catalog software for P21 is a smart choice to make the task of catalog creation and updating easier and help in saving time and energy resources.