Dr. Kami Hoss Speaks on Bite Problem, Signs and Solutions

When people talk about ‘bite’, they practically mean the way an individual’s upper and lower jaw meet together. Having a healthy bite improves the balance and functional performance of the teeth. On the contrary, if it is misaligned, it tends to increase pressure on several teeth surrounding them causing them to wear down. Bite function is vital for a number of reasons like chewing, breathing, swallowing, digestion and facial symmetry, etc. Dr. Kami Hoss is an expert orthodontist and the co-founder of Super Dentist. With specialized training, knowledge, and long experience, the physician can treat all sorts of bad bites efficiently and provide complete solutions. 

The main causes of bad bites:

  • Heredity 
  • Variance in upper and lower jaw size
  • Variations in the size of the teeth  
  • Lost teeth, impacted teeth, or extra teeth  
  • Inborn defects, such as cleft palates 
  • Childhood habits such as thumb-sucking and  

According to Dr. Kami Hoss, in general, there are four types of bad bites that include overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite. Besides these types’ people also come to their clinic with bite problems such as teeth gaps, teeth crowding, deep bites, etc.

Signs that an Individual have a bad bite

The signs of a bad bite are quite noticeable to a victim as they manifest through different pain issues. This includes

TMJ symptoms

The temporomandibular joint consists of two joints located on either side of the face hinging the lower jaw to the skull. This specific joint shoulders a major role in assisting the lower jaw to function properly while speaking or chewing etc. Having TMJ will cause pain and often results in soreness, stiffness, and clicking noises during the mouth is opened or closed with the movement of jaws.  

in case of the bite has a lack of alignment, it’s the muscles that move the jaw might be strained, pressurized, or tensed. This may cause a headache. 

Difficulty speaking

Although, it is not a very common problem of a bad bite, – difficulty in speaking is experienced by many people. One might experience difficulty pronouncing some specific words due to the stiffness of the jaw. While it is a noteworthy indicator of a bad bite, consulting with an orthodontist like Dr. Kami Hoss and getting treated by the doctor with an orthodontist tool will help restore speaking ability of a patient seamlessly.   

If anyone faces trouble pronouncing or enunciating certain words because of stiffness in the  jaw, this is a good indicator of a misaligned bite. 

Grinding of teeth

Teeth grinding is another major issue that adversely impacts one’s smile. More grinding teeth can lead to aching jaws as well as headaches. Also known as bruxism, it is likely to be experienced by people who have bite-related problems, irrespective of its type. The bite problem puts pressure on the jaws due to the misalignment of teeth causing teeth grinding.  

How do fix a bad bite?

According to Dr. Kami Hoss, no denying crooked or misaligned teeth are the primary cause that affects one’s appearance as they look unsightly while speaking or smiling. Apart from damaging one’s look, it can lead to dental issues, gum diseases, and spoil oral health grossly. Fixing bad bite need the intervention of an expert orthodontic. They use braces, transparent aligners, etc. to realign the bite issues.