3 Reasons To Source Connectkey-Enabled Xerox Printers For Small Business

Even a small business owner must invest some money to source basic office equipment. Sure, you will find multiple types of equipment in the market and brands galore. Choosing between them is intensely challenging. Rest assured! You can trust the brand name Xerox as it indicates familiarity and high quality. Check out the latest offerings by the company and you would be happy to note the superiority of Xerox ConnectKey technology that makes Xerox Printers for small business work fantastically.

It would be foolhardy to opt for an unknown technology as it happens to be popular. Try to do some research and find out what you are going to get. The first question that you need to ask is what will the ConnectKey technology bring to your business. The following features are likely to astound you and make you favor this unique technology that seems to be right for business operations.

How to use Xerox Printers for small business with the aid of ConnectKey?

The primary functions of the technology include the following:-

  1. User-Friendly interface– You will get a small tablet that is similar to a smartphone. Navigating the interface is not a hardship, therefore. You are going to be familiar with it as you do the same when using your phone. Of particular advantage is the custom ability of its features. You can set the interface to ease business operations in multiple ways. You not only get to speed up the tasks but you may also alter the home screen as you want. Let the home screen display the oft-used apps so that you do not waste even a minute trying to locate them. Moreover, you may use separate login buttons and passwords for different users. The entire workforce would be able to use it conveniently without a clash of interests.

  2. Enhanced mobility– You do not have to have a hard copy of documents ready and available 24X7. Nor do you have to access a laptop or PC to fulfill the need. You are welcome to print the document directly from your phone via the ConnectKey interface. Do not take up too much space in your phone, either. Opt for cloud storage and save important documents and files that can be retrieved within an instant. What’s more? You also have the freedom to communicate with your colleagues and customers located remotely as well.

  3. Printer Security– Conect Key technology provides 4-point security features to ensure 100% security and 0 data loss. You would be able to benefit from the following:-

    Prevention of malicious attacks, malware proliferation, misuse of data, or unauthorized access Detection of sudden changes to the printer settings. This is done by running the Firmware Verification Test as needed.
    Protection via a host of in-built tools that thwart access by unauthorized users. Encryption methods used by the “U.S Department of Defense” is used by this technology-enabled device as well
    International security standards are met by partnerships with renowned companies like McAfee and Cisco

Xerox Printers for small business that operate with Xerox Connect Key are efficient no doubt but you must check whether the existing office printer is compatible with the technology before investing in a new printer.