Top 5 Dessert Flavoured E Liquids

While it may be the middle of the summer, we know that a lot of people are still enjoying their dessert flavours (and some people are just looking for something to satisfy the sweet tooth when the weather starts to get colder). 

We’ve taken a look at the Top 5 Dessert Flavored E Liquids available on the market right now to give you an insight into some of the delicious options available and to save you all the legwork. 

This list does focus on shortfill dessert flavoured e liquids, but some of these are also available in nicotine salt and disposable pod vape too. 

1 – Formulated Vape Co King Cookie Dough

Starting off the list with an absolutely perfect concoction of cookies, caramel and cream. This savoury dessert flavoured e liquid is one of the best representations of a freshly baked batch of cookies available right now. 

2 – RAD Shakes Banana Milk

If there is one flavour that doesn’t get enough love with e liquid flavours, it has to be banana. It may be that companies can’t come up with one they are happy with, or they don’t see the need to release one but RAD have created a monster with their Banana Milk. With a thick, creamy milkshake very reminiscent of a golden arches drink, this is one for the fruit and dessert lovers. 

3 – Wick Liqour Deja Voodoo

One of the most premium tasting brands available on the UK market right now, Wick Liqour have produced something truly decadent with their Deja Voodoo flavour. Featuring a mix of santa barbara coconut and chula vista sugar cane, this is one flavour that goes deeper then just the flavour description. 

4 – Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

To many, this is the dessert flavour that started it all. With its familiar yellow packaging, Dinner Lady Lemon Tart is tangy lemon curd lavished over gooey meringue, then finally enveloped in delicious thin crust pastry.

5 – Vaper Treats Cupcake Man

Nothing says desserts like a vanilla cupcake drizzled in sweet strawberry frosting, topped with sprinkles. From the same minds as the delicious Anarchist e liquid, this line follows in the footsteps and brings even more great tasting American e liquids to the market. 

We know that not everyone likes to use shortfill e liquids, which is why there is a great tasting range of dessert e liquids in nicotine salts and disposables (such as some of the great offerings in the Solo Vapes range like Strawberry Milkshake). 

There is a huge amount of variety of e liquid flavours on the market, meaning you are not stuck to one flavour profile and have the option to pick whatever you like. 

When purchasing your dessert flavoured e liquids (or any vape products), make sure you are using a legitimate retailer so you can be sure that you are only purchasing authentic products. If in doubt, check reviews for the vendor before purchasing any products to be sure you are getting the best quality flavours available.