These Must-Eat Delicacies When in Ajmer

Must-Eat Delicacies There are many tasty food items in Ajmer which can be a delight for the foodies as well as for the tourists who visit the beautiful city of Rajasthan. There are varieties of delicious veg and non-veg foods Cafes in Ajmer.

You will be blooming with happiness to taste the mouth-watering Must-Eat Delicacies chicken kebabs, Tandoori chicken, and mutton dishes whereas tourists can also enjoy some veg food items like Rajasthani gatte ka pulao, dal batti churma pyaaz kachori and doodh jalebi to their heart’s content.

 From various kebabs to rich and spicy veg preparations, you will have a hard time choosing the dishes that you don’t want to have here.

Must-Eat Delicacies in Ajmer

Kadhi and kachori

The kachori is a puff pastry that is popular in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It is made with urad dal and is flavored with spices such as fennel seeds, coriander seeds, and fenugreek leaves. The kachori is served with a spicy mouth-watering kadhi that is made without yogurt and is flavored with, tamarind, red chili, and other spices.

 The kachori and kadhi are best served together mostly at the breakfast time and you can taste them throughout the day.

Gatte ke pulao

Rajasthan is well-known for its traditional dish of gatte ka pulao, a meal consisting of gram flour dumplings and spices. It can be eaten simply with raita and papad.

Now, these dishes are delicacies and an important part of Rajasthani cuisine.

Dal batti and churma

This Rajasthani Cuisine is a must-have when you’re in Ajmer. Dal Baati Churma is a purely vegetarian dish that includes a semi-sweet Churma, a spicy Daal, and a deep-fried Baati–all in one meal. This is a unique, traditional Rajasthani dish that will surely leave you feeling full. 

The Baati is a hard bread made with whole wheat flour, semolina, ghee, besan, etc. It can be baked or fried. So if you’re looking for an authentic Ajmer experience, make sure to try this delicious Dal Baati Churma.

Doodh with jalebi

Jalebi is a sweet dish, which is made of flour and a tangy sweet syrup is poured on it and it is most often served with Kesar or rose essence. However, the most popular preparation of jalebi is when it is served with malai (clotted cream) and nuts like almonds.

 What’s interesting is that these two dishes are served separately and are just combined when they are served in a cup to provide contrasting textures. This preparation is also brought out during marriage functions and other special occasions.

Falooda ice cream

Indian Mix Ice cream house is a must-eat delicacy traditional Indian dessert house, serving a variety of authentic desserts from the Indian subcontinent. Their Falooda, a mix made from ice cream, vermicelli noodles, and Kulfi syrup will leave you wanting more.

 While Falooda is a traditional dessert, it is served here in a wine glass. The cute glass makes it easy to drink through the delicious layers of syrups, ice cream, and vermicelli noodles.

The thalli walla restaurant

A wide range of veg and non-veg restaurants in Ajmer but the thalli walla is the best restaurant in Ajmer. Here, Bahubali Thali is a delicious, hearty meal. It is a Thali that serves all the goodness of vegetarian dishes which is perfect for any occasion.

 It consists of 7-9 veg curries and lots of chapatis. All the items that they serve in the Thali are delightful and wholesome. They also have many other delicious varieties on their menu which you can choose from.  The staff at the restaurant are friendly and are always willing to help.

The food is delicious, and it’s all vegetarian.

Sohan halwa

Sohan Halwa is the most iconic and popular dessert in the city of Ajmer, and while you might be tempted to compare it to Hampers or Chocolates, it is much more than that. This must-eat delicacy’s dessert is a sweet taste that will tantalize your taste buds. It’s the perfect ending to any meal and will leave you feeling satisfied.

The best part is that it is quite easy to make since all you need to do is to melt sugar and milk with a generous amount of sugar, butter, and ghee. It might not get old with time, but it will be a treat for connoisseurs of rich and delectable desserts.