SmartCloud EHR and WebPT

SmartCloud EHR is a web-based health record solution that helps medical professionals manage patients’ records. Its modular design and built-in connectivity with thousands of health providers make it a cost-effective, all-in-one solution. Its features include electronic medical records, enterprise scheduling, intelligent billing, a patient portal, and patient education.

CureMD SMART Cloud

CureMD SMART Cloud is an award-winning provider of specialty EHRs, practice management, and medical billing services. The company’s platform provides seamless data exchange across multiple systems and platforms, enabling doctors to access and share information with ease. It also features a variety of security features to ensure that sensitive patient information is secure.

The CureMD SmartCloud EHR solution includes hosting, security, backup, and support, which make it an ideal solution for healthcare practices of all sizes. It’s also fully customizable, with no expensive hardware or maintenance fees. The cloud-based solution can integrate with thousands of providers and pharmacies.

The company’s EHR is compatible with ONC and Meaningful Use stage 2 and 3 requirements, enhancing clinical workflow. It features an online patient portal that lets patients schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, and view results. It also supports up to 1000 employees. It also has a high user sentiment score, with 142 reviews from users.

CureMD SMART Cloud EHR empowers medical practices and improves the quality of care they offer patients. It keeps practices ahead of regulatory and patient safety requirements and optimizes practice efficiency to maximize reimbursement. Its intuitive user interface and point-and-click technology make it easy to learn and use.

CureMD SMART Cloud EHR is a cloud-based system that integrates Electronic Medical Records with Practice Management. It is an award-winning platform that helps improve the clinical and administrative processes of healthcare practices of all sizes. It also includes an iPad patient portal, a mobile care solution, and a suite of other features.

NextGen Healthcare EHR

The SmartCloud NextGen Healthcare EHR is a subscription-based software designed for ambulatory care providers. Its features include built-in clinical content for 25 specialties, e-Prescription with Surescripts, medication management and formulary checking, and more. NextGen is suitable for any size of ambulatory practice.

The software allows the organization to configure the application according to its needs, which enables it to reduce the administrative burden of documentation, improve care management, and increase the patient experience. Moreover, it supports SOAP integration and offline dictation capability. Additionally, the EHR is HIPAA and ONC-certified.

The NextGen Ambulatory EHR comes with a customizable drug listing. Physicians can choose to view drugs by chemical name, OTC meds, and formulary. They can also customize the document types. The NextGen EHR is compatible with various OS and works locally or in the cloud.

NextGen Healthcare EHR is flexible, intuitive, and easy to use. It allows the physician to chart quickly, saving time. Moreover, NextGen EHR also helps prevent medical errors and improve patient care. Its modular design allows you to customize it according to your practice’s needs, whether they are small-scale or large-scale. This means it is a great choice for specialty practice needs. You can even choose it based on quality and features.

SmartCloud NextGen Healthcare EHR offers a complete feature set, including digital note-taking, electronic billing, patient portal, and more. It helps medical practices cut costs and improve productivity. It also includes the Patient Ally solution, which offers a Web-based portal for patients’ health records. It also offers ICD-10 search and voice recognition for your patients.


WebPT is a cloud-based EMR system that manages patient records, insurance claims, and scheduling. The software also helps manage clinical outcomes. The software also provides the KX modifier for medical documents, which can be useful for insurance billing. Because the WebPT system is cloud-based, it can be accessed on any device, including a compact Chromebook. However, one drawback to WebPT is the lack of ability to split patient records, which is frustrating for a practice that needs to share information with multiple employees.

WebPT offers a variety of features, including color-coding appointments and drag-and-drop rescheduling. It also supports reserving of equipment and space. The software is easy to use, allowing clinicians to access their records anytime. It also integrates with WebPT documentation platform, making it easy to organize patient information.

Founded by a physical therapist and a skilled technologist, WebPT addresses the pain points of physical therapists. Today, it is one of the most popular EMR solutions, serving more than 6,500 physical therapy clinics. WebPT has powerful scheduling and documentation features, which will make life easier for physical therapists and their patients.

Another advantage of WebPT is that it integrates with popular billing solutions. This allows you to automate the billing process and minimize errors related to manual data entry.