Scuba Diving With Watersports At Malvan


Malvan is a place from which no one will return disappointed. It is one of the perfect destinations for a weekend gateways and small vacations, if you are looking for a place to relax or if you are on a lookout for some thrills and excitement to satiate the adventure junkie in you. 

The magic of white and bright sands and clear waters is just so mesmerising to watch. Malvan is famous for its amazing beaches, Scuba diving in Malvan, calm backwaters, historic forts and of course, a hot spot for adventurous water sports. 

But the thing that shouldn’t be missed out when in Malvan is the legendary and mouth watering Malvani cuisines. They are just the right thing for food junkies.  

What is so Famous in Malvan?

If you are an adventure lover like us, then Malvan feeds you with its best Scuba diving facility that will definitely make your day. Underwater diving is next level as compared to any other destination of this water sport all over the country. You will feel like you have removed all the negative energies from your life. 

The Scuba diving activity at Malvan starts in the month of September to May end and shuts down just before the rain starts in June.

What should we do to make sure that you are confident enough before the dive?

There are Professional instructors and trainers that give you proper training and help you gain confidence, comfort & excitement required for Scuba diving. And even when you are underwater, the instructor is always there to guide you on what should be our next step. 

What to Carry?

  • Camera (In case you want to click a few photos and capture some amazing memories of yours, you are always welcome.)
  • Carry your own Breakfast as well as Lunch.

Make sure you do not miss out any of your chances to create the best, cheerful & always remembered memories of your life. BanBanjara is ready to welcome you all! 


  • Pick / Drop from the Hotel
  • An instructor-supervised dive in the open sea. (Approx 15 Min.)
  • Light snacks/ fruits, water/ juice / Biscuits
  • Approx. 30 Min. training in the swimming pool/shallow water
  • Equipment rental
  • Photos and videos 

What is the Most Suitable Time To Do Scuba Diving in Malvan?

The best time to do Scuba diving in Malvan is from October to May. This is the time most people opt for.

So, you can choose any month between October to May according to your preference. It is all up to you. Remember! To get an amazing view you should go scuba diving in Malvan early in the morning.

Who All Can Do Scuba Diving?

The answer is anyone can opt for scuba diving.

But in some special cases, you can’t scuba dive, for example, pregnant ladies, heart patients, etc. Below is the list of people who can’t do Scuba Diving. Just read the full article get all the answers related to scuba diving.

Many questions can come in your mind like:-

  • Is Scuba Diving Safe or Risky to perform?
  • Can a non-swimmer do scuba diving?
  • Is any Age required to do scuba diving?

Who Can’t Scuba Diving?

  • If you are suffering from a major illness or health issues then this is definitely not for you. 
  • A child who is below 10 years old also can’t go Scuba Diving at all. 
  • Pregnant Women also can’t do Scuba Diving.
  • Asthma and Heart Patients also can’t do Scuba Diving. Our team always prays for your recovery as soon as possible so that you can enjoy Scuba Diving.


  • Enjoy a soothing 15 minute underwater Scuba diving in the most beautiful corals and marine life of Malvan more than 25 feet under the sea.
  • Experience a number of range of water sports such as Speedboat, Banana Ride, Jetski, Bumper Ride, Parasailing and Slipping Bumper ride.
  • An experienced and well trained instructor will guide you to ensure that you carry out the scuba session with safety.
  • Capture some amazing underwater photos and videos to take some sweet memories back home while scuba diving in Malvan.

Things to Focus on

  • Minimum Age Limit: There is no restriction for people of above 10 years of age to enjoy these adventure water sports.
  • Available Time Slots: Time Slots are available between 10 am to 3:30 pm (2 hours required for per session)
  • Safety Equipment Provided: During the activity, all kinds of safety equipment are provided to you.
  • Free Dive Video & Pictures: Take your sweet memories back with free dive video & pictures.