Rhinoplasty in Lahore A Guide to Change the Shape of Nose

What Does Surgery To Change The Nose Involve?

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty, sometimes called a “nose job,” is one of the most popular medical procedures. Nose surgery can change how a person’s nose looks or make it work better—during Rhinoplasty in Lahore, rearranging bone and cartilage, so the nose fits better with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty relates to good breathing, which means that not only does the patient not have trouble breathing after the surgery, but it will fix if they had trouble breathing before the surgery.

Who needs Rhinoplasty?

Even people who say they want surgery of Rhinoplasty in Lahore may not be the best candidates in some situations. If Rhinoplasty could help someone, they should:

  • Have no significant illnesses or diseases and no major mental health problems.
  • Candidates should be in good physical health
  • be at least 18 years old
  • have thin, elastic skin
  • have a fully formed nose
  • not smoke
  • Know what to expect from the surgery
  • be able to take at least one week off work.

Rhinoplasty for Fleshy Noses

This procedure is not recommended for all possible patients because of things like skin type, among other things. For example, making the nasal tip smaller is tough to make a meaty nose (one with thick skin, subcutaneous fat, and sebaceous glands) smaller.

The cartilage at the tip of these noses is thin, and the skin is thick. Most people have big sebaceous glands under their skin. Because these glands go deep into the epidermis, the skin on their noses is noticeably thicker than average.

So the nose tip doesn’t change much for people with fleshy noses after the procedure. The doctor will look at every part of a person’s nose and, if necessary, talk about how the skin is doing.

If its skin’s thickness causes the nose’s size, we are at a dead end. On the other hand, if the tip of the nose is big because the cartilages are thick, the nose is not fleshy and may be a good candidate for treatment.

How to Get Ready for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Before you get a Rhinoplasty in Lahore, you should think about the following:

  • Take the necessary lab tests and X-rays and give your surgeon the results a week before surgery
  • Talk to Dr. Atta Ul Haq about what you expect and what results in you want
  • Ask your surgeon to tell you about the risks and problems that could come up with a nose job
  • Get ready in your mind for the surgery. You can lower your stress by meditating and taking deep breaths
  • Buy the things such as a u-shaped pillow, ice packs, saline spray, tissue, and wet wipe, etc., in advance
  • Do not take ibuprofen and blood thinners such as aspirin before the surgery
  • Avoid herbal supplements, vitamin E capsules, fish oil, and anti-inflammatory drugs before Rhinoplasty because they increase the chance of bleeding
  • Give your surgeon (Dr. Atta Ul Haq) a complete medical history, and if you are allergic to any drugs, let them know before the surgery
  • Drink more fluids and eat more food
  • Take a bath before the operation and do not eat or drink from 8 hours before the surgery
  • Wear front closure clothes and avoid wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes
  • Don’t put on makeup or jewelry on the day of the surgery. Shave your beard and mustache with a razor to avoid getting sick, and ask someone to take care of you in the hospital.

How to Do Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery depends on a lot of things, like what the patient wants, the surgeon’s artistic freedom, the nose’s shape, and the patient’s expectations. There are two ways to do Rhinoplasty: open and closed.

Surgical Reconstruction Of The Nose Using An Open Procedure

In open Rhinoplasty, the surgeon cuts the nostrils and lifts the skin to change the shape of the nose while the patient is asleep. By doing this, they have better access to the inside of the nose and can better shape its body. Once the nose’s form and structure are reshaped, the skin settles in place and the cut covered with stitches. People often use a splint and gauze bandage to protect the nose and stop bleeding.

Rhinoplasty With The Help Of Splints

In closed Rhinoplasty, which proceeds with either general or local anesthesia, the surgeon makes several cuts inside the nostrils. After shaving the nasal bone to get the right shape, the wound stitches dissolve on their own It’s essential to know that a closed rhinoplasty has much less downtime and healing time.

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How Long It Takes To Do A Nose Job?

Open Rhinoplasty usually takes about three hours, while closed Rhinoplasty usually takes about two hours. After anesthesia, it takes about three hours to wake up in the recovery room fully. Since Rhinoplasty in Lahore is generally done under general anesthesia, your vital signs check for a few hours in the post-anesthesia care unit. If the doctor’s nasal exam the next day doesn’t find anything wrong, you’ll be able to go home.