How to Grow Lotus Snake Plant at Home

Snake plants are both visually appealing and useful. You can find this type of plant inside most people’s homes. You can buy a lotus snake plant from an online gift shop that offers young and fresh plants. You can also give this plant as a present to your friends and family.

Snake plants are also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue. It can grow from 6 inches to several feet. However, before you learn how to grow this plant, learn about its different plants for better understanding.

Types of Snake Plant

●        Cylinder snake plant: This plant has round leaves and grows several feet.

●        Twisted sister: This plan has twisted variegated gold and green leaves.

●        Bird’s nest snake plant: The leaves form a cluster that looks like a bird’s nest.

●        White snake plant: The leaves of this plant are green with white vertical stripes.

●        Laurentii Sansevieria: The leaves have yellow margins and green-colored centers.

●        Sansevieria desertii: This plant has a fan-like effect.

●        Rhino grass: This plant produces a tight clump of vertical green leaves.

How to Care for Lotus Snake plant

Before you buy a lotus snake plant,you should learn these care tips to ensure its optimal growth. You will need a non-plastic container, clay soil, fertilizers package, pea gravel, ruler measure, and lotus snake plant’s rhizomes.

●        Use the container and fill the clay soil to 2 inches deep. You should use the container, i,e, 8 to 10 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter.

●        Place the rhizomes in the container and cover it with additional clay soil.

●        You should cover the top of the soil with a 0.5-inch-deep layer of pea gravel.

●        Fill the water in the container. Do not fill it more than 1 inch deep. 

●        You should add fertilizer once each month during summer and spring. You should use the fertilizer amount according to the instructions given by its brand.

●        You should monitor the water level in the container. Replace it if you smell an odor. Water the plant adequately.

●        Remove the old flowers from the plant when they fade away.

●        Remove the stem and leaves if they turn brown.

●        Place the plant in indirect sunlight. However, you can keep it in brighter window areas or darker corners.

Lotus Snake Plant Benefits

Having this plant inside your home offers many benefits, including:

●        Filter indoor air

The best advantage of indoor plants is that they keep the quality of the air ideal day and night.

●        Remove toxic pollutants

This plant also removes toxic pollutants other than CO2, and it can remove xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air.

●        Effective against allergies

This plant releases lots of oxygen that increases humidity and reduces the impact of airborne pollutants.

You don’t have to work hard to grow a lotus snake plant, and you can get beautifully groomed plants of all sorts through any online plant shop. Let these plants purify your home’s indoor air, even at night.