How the US calculated “Chapo” Guzmán

How the US calculated “Chapo” Guzmán

How the US calculated “Chapo” Guzmán,

How does the US calculates the USD 12,666 million that it seeks to seize “Chapo” Guzmán, With this money,

which is also claimed by Mexico, the Santa Lucía airport and the Dos Bocas Refinery could be paid for.

Each of the drug traffickers interrogated during the so-called “Trial of the Century” added several million dollars to the debt that Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera has as a product of the sale of drugs with the United States with their confessions.

According to the calculations of the US government,

Guzmán Loera would have accumulated a fortune of around USD 12,666,191,704 million, a product of the sale of drugs to the US,

which Washington hopes to collect but will hardly achieve due to the laundering of that money.

The versions of each of the criminals questioned during the trial were used by the 

prosecutors in the case to estimate the profits of the Sinaloa Cartel from 

the sale of drugs in the United States and to sentence “El Chapo” to life imprisonment and compensate the government of the USA with about 242,192 million pesos.

On July 17, the sentence was handed down to the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel,

accused of various crimes related to drug trafficking (Photo: EFE)

According to the 12-page report issued by prosecutors, 

since they began to follow the activity of Guzmán, 62, in the 1990s until his last capture in 2016,

the criminal group led by “El Chapo” distributed 528,276 kilograms of cocaine -with a value of USD 11,809 million-, 

202 kilograms of heroin -of USD 11 million- and 423,000 kilograms of marijuana -with a value of USD 846 million.

Although they recognize that the figure is conservative, since it is practically

impossible to calculate the exact amount of drugs distributed by this cartel,

 the government would not be “obliged to provide an accurate calculation of the income that will be seized,” according to the magazine Proceso. ,

who had access to the document.

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“The government has the right to confiscate all property that constitutes or derives

from the offenses related to the sale of narcotics of the defendant and any property that facilitated the commission of those crimes,

“says the report, according to the text ”

The earnings of “Chapo”, a difficult debt for Washington to collect”, from the aforementioned magazine.

A magazine in Mexico had access to the report of the prosecutors who asked to seize

that amount from Guzmán, although they have not found a trace of that money

financial magazine Forbes

Although the financial magazine Forbes estimated Guzmán’s fortune at USD 1 billion a few years ago,

the US government’s investigations produced a much higher figure, which, according to the drug trafficker’s defender, Jeffrey Lichtman, “has never been found.” a penny” of that estimate.

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According to calculations by Proceso, with the more than USD 12,666 million that “El Chapo” earned as a drug trafficker, 

the Santa Lucía airport and the Dos Bocas refinery could be built, two of the cornerstone projects of the administration of Mexican President  Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The millionaire sum was defined by the US after the Colombian drug trafficker Juan Carlos Ramírez Abadía,

“Chupeta”, who led the Norte del Valle Cartel, ensured that between 1990 and 2000 he distributed from Colombia to Mexico some 436,000 kilograms of cocaine for the Cartel . from Sinaloa.

“El Chapo” was part of the list of the richest in the world

Jesús “El Rey” Zambada, brother of “El Mayo”,

also confessed that he annually stored shipments 

of between 80,000 and 100,000 kilograms of Colombian cocaine to later send to US territory for more than 13 years.

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While the drug trafficker Pedro Flores testified that together with his twin,

Margarito, sold at least 53,000 kilograms of cocaine provided by

“El Chapo” between 2005 and 2008 in various locations in the United States, being only some of the key witnesses in the trial.

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