For Overweight Beginners, These 5 Yoga Positions for Weight Loss Work Great

When you first begin your yoga for weight loss journey, especially if you’re overweight, everything appears confusing. To get started, try these first five asanas.

You’ve probably heard the saying “yoga se hoga,” and there’s a solid reason behind it. You see, by regularly practicing yoga, you may reach whatever physical health objectives you may have.

Yoga is the effective tool you need to remodel your body, helping with everything from weight loss and improved flexibility to muscle strengthening and strength development. Regardless of your size or weight, there is no better time to begin your yoga adventure than now.

It’s normal to feel intimidated when you first begin yoga if you’re overweight and unsure how your body will react.

1. Cat-cow posture

A transition between two stances is called a cat-cow. The exercise set improves your abdominal muscles while giving your spine an incredible stretch. It is a fantastic asana, to begin with, if you want to reduce abdominal fat. Ensure that your wrists and knees are parallel to your shoulders and hips while getting down on all fours. Knees and shins should be spaced hip-width apart. Once you’ve gotten into position, strike the cow posture. As you inhale deeply, lower your belly toward the earth.

Make sure your chin and chest are high and stare at the ceiling. Keep your shoulder blades broad and separated from your ears.

2. Table-top crunches

Legs should be raised at a 90-degree angle while you lay on your back. To give your elbows a brief break, bend them. Make use of your core muscle strength to raise your shoulders gradually. Do not make the error of trying to lift your head using your arm power.

3. Chair position

A chair position engages the muscles in both your upper body and lower body, similar to a squat. Your quads, gluteus, calves, and ankles are all worked. Simply squeeze your thighs together, squat, and bend your knees. When looking down, your position should allow you to view your toes directly in front of your knees.

4. Bow posture

Bow posture works every muscle in the back while simultaneously stretching the entire front of the body. Your chest, belly, quadriceps, ankles, groin, hip flexors, and neck are its central target regions.

Lay down on your stomach with your hands at your sides. Bend your knees toward your buttocks as you exhale. Remember that your knees should be spaced apart by your hip distance. Holding your ankles while extending your hands backward. Inhale deeply and slowly as you lift your thighs. Your head and chest will both rise. Hold the posture while continuing to breathe slowly.

5. Pose in a forward bend

Standing with your feet together, bend your knees slightly, and from your hips, fold your upper body toward your legs. Keep your forward-facing look. Then, progressively reposition yourself in the starting position.

Bottom Line:

Start with these, but be consistent in your practice to notice results.