Desert camps in Jaisalmer – Rajasthan

 Jaisalmer, also known as the golden city is located 575 km away from the pink city, Jaipur. Being the home to numerous ancient forts, rooftops with epic views, tombs, and camel rides, this city is one of the major tourism landscapes of Rajasthan. There are various sand dunes among which the Sam Sand Dunes are the most popular ones. These dunes are located 45 km to the west of Jaisalmer and are the biggest sand dunes in the city. Given in this article is a list of the 5 best desert camps in Sam Sand Dunes which would give you unparalleled views of the sunrise and sunset over the tall sand dunes.

The Sky Desert Safari Camps:

Situated in the heart of the desert, the Sky Desert Safari Camp is one of the best camps in Jaisalmer. They have 20 luxurious tents with queen size beds designed to give you a comfortable experience. Every tent has its own sanitised bathrooms attached to itself along with all the essentials. Their unique antique lamps light up the area giving it an aesthetic aura. The camp is well known for organising the best desert safari on camelbacks and jeeps depending on the customer’s demands. These safaris will take you to the heart of the desert, letting you witness the grotesque view of the sunrise and the sunset. They provide several other outdoor activities that include desert biking and many more.

You would be given a warm welcome with a tradition of Tikka Dastori before checking into your tents. They also provide traditional Rajasthani buffet meals to satisfy your taste buds

Other highlighting features of the Sky Desert Safari Camp are as followed:

  •  The staff are welcoming and trained professionals
  •  Laundry service is available
  •  Several outdoor activities like dessert biking, jeep safari, camel desert safari, etc are available.
  • The camp would host many cultural programs to give you an insight into Rajasthani culture keeping your enjoyment at its peak
  • You can avail stargazing
  • There are separate rooms available for smoking which means there won’t be any discomfort for the non-smokers as well as for those who smoke.

Cost per person- Rs 1100 for 1 night

Maharaja Desert Camp Jaisalmer:

Maharaja desert camp is one of the oldest camps in the Sam sand dunes and has been providing its services for the past 11 years. This camp has a total of 35 luxurious suites and family rooms, each attached with clean bathrooms and kitchenettes. They organise many dessert festivals that include jeep safari, camel safari, quad bike safari, and many other cultural events and fairs which would give you a vivid cognizance of desert lifestyle and traditions.

Other highlighting features:

  •  Pet friendly as the pets are welcomed at the property given you have a confirmation form by the camp provider
  • You can have  a stroll around the local bazaar and the street shops as its nearby
  •  Provides all-night-long DJ night and fire dance
  • Cost per person: Rs 3000 per night

Desert Safari Camp

This one would give a lavish desert camping experience by offering every amenity, ensuring to keep your mind off the hectic life for a couple of days. Desert Safari Camp, situated 30 km away from the city centre, provides all kinds of camping tents varying from basic to luxurious.

Highlighting features:

  •  Organises folk music and dance performances
  • Gives a warm hospitality
  • Provides DJ night party and other cultural events
  • Traditional Rajasthani dinner by the bonfire
  •  Camel safari

Cost per person: Rs 1500 per night

Prince Desert Camp Jaisalmer:

One of the most luxurious camps near Sam Sand Dunes is the Prince Desert Camp packed with around 30 tents customised to give you a great village-like ambiance in the Thar Desert. The interiors are embellished with handmade drawings and folk paintings giving it a cultural touch. Every tent has a well maintained, clean attached bathroom.

Other highlighting features:

  •  a warm welcome by the locals in a Rajasthani tradition
  •  situated at a decent distance from the main road keep you away from the hum-drum and noise from other camps
  •  you can stargaze amid the desert under the night sky
  •  provides camel and jeep safari
  •  provides mouth-watering traditional Rajasthani meals

cost per person: Rs 4500 per night

Limra Desert Camp, Jaisalmer:

Limra Desert Camp is located around 40 km away from the city center and is equipped with all basic as well as luxurious facilities.

The rooms are well maintained with an attached bathroom and shower and can easily accommodate 3 people at once.

Other highlighting features:

  •  provides welcome drinks along with folk music and dance
  •  services of camel safari and jeep safari are available
  •  you can have a stargazing night
  • provides traditional buffet dinner by the bonfire.

cost per person: Rs 4000 per night