7 Steps to Take Before Calling a TV Repairman in Dubai

Whether it’s your TV, your computer, or something else entirely, there are plenty of reasons to call in the professionals when you need help with repair. However, that doesn’t mean you should call a tv repair dubai without knowing exactly what you need. Follow these steps before handing over your precious technology to someone else; your TV will thank you later!

1) Check the wall outlet

If your television is connected to an outlet and still won’t turn on, it might be because something has happened at that end of the cord. If you have other electronics plugged into your outlets, unplug those devices and try plugging your television directly into another wall outlet. In some cases, there is no problem with your device; rather it’s just too much energy being drawn from one outlet. Also, if you are using extension cords, especially thick ones (like heavy-duty three-pronged appliance extension cords), unplug them and try plugging your device directly into another outlet. If these solutions don’t work, check with an electrician before contacting a TV repairman in Dubai.

2) Test the electrical cord

If you suspect your TV has suffered damage due to electrical issues, plug it into an outlet that is not controlled by a light switch or timer. If you have an outlet like that, turn off all other lights and appliances around it before connecting your television. While it’s plugged in, check its settings menu: if any buttons are flickering or on screen display text is garbled, then there may be an internal electrical issue with your set. In many cases these problems can be resolved by simply unplugging and reconnecting your device. But if nothing changes after repeating that several times—or if new issues develop—then you might need to call for professional help.

3) Test for bad connections

Make sure your power cord is plugged in securely. You might also have a problem with your power supply, so check that you have power coming from it and not just from your outlet. If you have other devices plugged into that outlet and they’re not working either, try plugging them into another outlet. (If all of your outlets are on separate breakers, you should still test those outlets by plugging another device into them). Unplug all of your devices and start with one; if it’s still not working, then move on to another. In most cases, though, when one device isn’t working others aren’t either.

4) Test for loose wires and sockets

If your TV doesn’t turn on, start by testing all of your wires and sockets. Unplug everything and then plug it back in one piece at a time. If you have any loose wires, they should be easy to spot: Just feel along the cord until you find where it’s loose or disconnected. If you have any trouble, try giving your cable or satellite box. As well as anything else attached via HDMI or RCA—the same treatment. Once all of that is done, try turning on your TV again. And if nothing works? You might want to call an expert.

5) Check your remote control

It’s easy to overlook your remote control if you think there is something wrong with your television. Remember: If you can’t change channels or adjust volume. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with your television; maybe you need a new remote. Sometimes, we assume that televisions just don’t work anymore when it turns out they are actually working just fine. But who knows? Maybe your remote control is broken and you didn’t even know it. It’s always good to check before calling for a repair man.

6) Eliminate any other possibilities

Assuming you’ve tried everything you can think of and your television still won’t work, it’s time for professional help. We aren’t talking about calling some guy on his cell phone who sounds like he’s running down an alleyway as he tells you how much it will cost for him to repair your TV. Get referrals from trusted friends or check with other locals (someone is bound to know somebody). Make sure they have positive reviews online. If possible, talk directly with someone from their company before signing any agreement. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting half way through some fix and having them walk out. Because they don’t want to do any more work on that day.

7) Clean your television set

You should always start by doing some research. If you’re having trouble with your television. Read up on what could possibly be causing it and try to correct that issue yourself first. That’s not always possible, though. If you can’t seem to fix your television by yourself, it’s time to call in some professional help. One of your best lines of defense is knowing what questions you should ask before calling anyone over. Consider these seven points as a checklist before picking up the phone.