10 Hair-Related Beliefs And The Truth Behind Them

If a girl is asked her wishlist, then most of the girls will have the desire to get thick healthy and shiny hair at the top of the list. Today’s hectic life and stress have a profound effect on the health and quality of our hair. As a result of this, whenever someone gives us any advice to improve the quality of hair, we immediately believe it.

Not only advice, we think so much about hair that we easily believe some superstitions and myths associated with it. We have been hearing some of these myths from the mouths of our grandmothers and mothers in our homes since childhood and have seen all of them believing them.

But have you ever tried to know how much truth is behind these myths? We tend to believe these things without thinking which is not true. We know that your motive behind this is only for the good of your hair, but it often does more harm to hair than it benefits. Here we are mentioning 10 such myths, which all of us must have believed or still believe at one time or another.

Table of Contents

  • Does over shampooing cause more hairfall?
  • Plucking one white hair lead to more white hairs?
  • Does keeping oil in the hair for a long time cause the oil to penetrate more?
  • Is it the right way to comb the hair from top to bottom?
  • Can some products help repair split-ends?
  • Dandruff causing dry scalp?
  • Does excessive combing improve hair health and shine?
  • Should people with oily scalp not apply oil?
  • Haircut make it grow faster?
  • Does more foam mean more clean hair?

Does over shampooing cause more Hair fall?

It is not right to blame shampoo for hair fall. There can be many reasons behind hairfall. There is also a big reason behind thinking that you see most of the fallen hair in the bathroom, but it does not mean that the hair is falling due to shampoo. You can use a mild and gentle shampoo for daily shampooing.

Does plucking one white hair lead to more white hairs?

There would hardly be any girl who would not have believed this. Our moms and grandmothers have had a big hand in believing this! Actually, no one has only one white and grey hair on their head, so when another white hair appears after breaking one hair, then people think that it is the result of breaking white hair. But breaking white hair is not a good habit because it weakens the roots of the surrounding hair and also makes it difficult to get new hair.

Does keeping oil in the hair for a long time cause the oil to penetrate more?

Since childhood, all of us moms have been insisting on keeping oil in the hair for maximum length of time, but does it really benefit. The truth is that the oil only conditions your hair externally and helps retain the moisture of the scalp. How long the oil is kept in the hair has nothing to do with their health. Applying oil an hour before washing hair will also have the same effect as applying it the night before.

Is it the right way to comb the hair from top to bottom?

Now you will say how did this happen? What is the other way to comb hair? Believe us, by doing this you are only harming your hair. Combing is a great way to untangle your hair, but combing it from top to bottom can cause a lot of hair breakage. The right way to comb is to take small sections and comb them from the middle to the bottom.

Can some products help repair split-ends?

We know that there are many brands and their countless products in the market that claim to repair split-ends. You must have believed these after being troubled by the frequent split-ends, but believe us, it is not possible. Just as broken glass cannot be reassembled, split-ends cannot be repaired. However, you can prevent them by using the right products and with regular trimming.

Dandruff causing dry scalp?

Most people believe that dandruff is caused by dry scalp, but this is not true. The truth is that dandruff is a type of fungal infection. Dandruff is more prone to occur on oily scalp as it grows easily on oily surfaces.

Does excessive combing improve hair health and shine?

We are also not denying that regular combing or brushing of hair is a good way to keep it healthy but like everything else, excessive combing is not good for the hair. Do not comb your hair unless it is tangled, frizzy or messy, as this not only damages the top surface of the hair, but it also makes it frizzy.

Should people with oily scalp not apply oil?

There is no truth in this either. All hair types need deep conditioning and hydration, which is best done through oiling. Every time the natural oil of the hair gets washed away while shampooing, it is very important to oil it to balance it. Yes, you can definitely use light and non-sticky oils specially made for oily hair.

Does a haircut make it grow faster?

It has never been proved in any research or study till date that cutting hair improves their growth. Hair experts recommend a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks to remove the damaged hair underneath and make the hair look healthy and thick.

Does more foam mean more clean hair?

Most of the people have a habit that unless there is a lot of lather while shampooing, their hair does not look clean. But it is not necessary to lather a lot from the shampoo to clean the hair. Actually, the foam in the shampoo is formed due to sulfate and sulfate is very harmful for the hair. Sulfate-free or detergent-free shampoos usually don’t lather as much, but they have the same effect.

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